Stenovator Pathway Solutions

Stenovator Pathway Solutions is here to partner with any and all individuals, companies, and organizations who are truly working towards the advancement of the court reporting industry, whether they are stenographers or not. But we are also here to connect with those in the industry who may fall through the cracks of our membership organizations.  Everyone has something to offer, and we are that neutral place where everyone can bring value with no strings attached. 


The overall mission of Stenovator Pathway Solutions, Inc. (SPS) is to increase public awareness of the stenography industry, to recruit, motivate, train and to support new professionals coming into the court reporting industry.

“Live full, die empty. I don’t want to take my gifts and talents, my ambitions and visions to the grave with me.  All of the goodness that is within you, deliver it to the world before you leave.” 

Les Brown